Christopher Carpenter

West High

Parents: Scott and Patti Carpenter, Holladay

A film is a collective project that means nothing without teamwork. I can effectively work with a variety of personalities under pressure. I have the ability to recognize and communicate humor in the human experience. In my role as sports director for TV West, my hallmark is the fact that my spots and bridges are funny. Kids remember them, and Sports Machine, my segment, has become the most popular portion of the broadcast. I am most proud of my role as host because four years ago, I chose to overcome a stutter that had infiltrated my speech pattern. The stutter was elevated during times of excitement and nervousness. As an active participant in theater and public speaking, it became clear I had to either choose to accept it and lose a passion or fight it and continue to do what I love.

SCHOLARSHIP: Ranks 23 out of 523; GPA is 3.9; Composite ACT is 30

AWARDS AND PROJECTS: Senior Class President; Debate team; pitch-Nic Program; Spy Hop Productions; Award-winner billboard design project for Create Don't Hate campaign; Utah representative to Freedoms Foundation Youth Leadership Conference at Valley Forge; Docent, Hogle Zoo; YouthLinc