Aimee Matheson

Clearfield High

Parents: Dwayne and Eve Matheson, Clearfield

Instead of learning Spanish in a classroom, I have had the opportunity to learn it through complete immersion in various Latin American countries. I learned by reading, studying, and talking to those around me. I was self-motivated by my love of Spanish and my yearning to be able to communicate with the native people.

Spanish has become an integral part of my life as my humanitarian work has grown in Latin America. I know that throughout the rest of my life I will continue to travel to Latin America and use my Spanish skills to enrich my life and bless the lives of the people.

SCHOLARSHIP: Ranks 16 out of 420; GPA is 3.9; Composite ACT is 31.

AWARDS AND PROJECTS: Freedom Leadership Award; AP Spanish student; yearbook co-editor; SBO over Service; humanitarian service projects; Link Crew leader; Junior Class vice president; Young Womanhood Recognition; cross country team; Key Club member; Global Citizen; Violet Richardson Award; National Honor Society.