Rachel Kennedy

Box Elder High

Parents: Ken and Nancy Kennedy, Brigham City

My ultimate goal is to become a wife and mother of a wonderful family. My participation in this category has greatly increased my knowledge and abilities in cooking, interior design and money management. As a mother, I know that I will be able to cook healthy meals and bake delicious treats for my children. I will be able to prevent underage drinking by having family dinners and talking with my kids. With my sewing skills, I'll be able to sew costumes for school plays, make Easter and Christmas dresses for my little girls, darn socks and sew personalized clothes that are unique. When I have a home, I will have the skills necessary to make it a comfortable and cozy place. I'll be able to furnish rooms and paint the walls using my interior design knowledge. All the FACS classes have prepared me for an exciting, fulfilling future.

SCHOLARSHIP: Ranks 34 of 474; GPA is 3.9; ACT Composite is 25

AWARDS AND PROJECTS: Honors English; Academic All-State in 4A volleyball; National Honor Society; Wendy's Heisman Award; student of the month; Homecoming royalty; Youth Volunteer Council; American Cancer Society; We Do It Right; Pennies by the Inch