Isaac Nygaard

Weber High

Parents: Kurt and Monika Nygaard, North Ogden

I am very enthusiastic about abstract subjects like parapsychology, hypnosis, or dreaming. I enjoy thinking up new scientific theories that describe these ethereal phenomena. My love for abstract thinking has allowed me to come up with creative ideas and think about subjects in new ways. This gives me the chance to create innovative solutions to programming or real-world problems.

I am a builder and inventor by nature. I always try to program software that fulfills a genuine need, much as new inventions are born. This has given me an internalized ideal to look for a useful purpose to my behaviors and talents.

SCHOLARSHIP: Ranks 34 out of 571; GPA is 3.9; Composite ACT is 33.

AWARDS AND PROJECTS: National Honor Society; Interact Service club; Eagle Scout; Nyrix Corp. CEO; Attended OWATC 3D animation program; AP Scholar with Distinction; National AP Scholar Award; tennis team; NHS; Student of the Month; Top Scholar; Academic Olympiad.