Jimmer noun: 1. Jimmer: James Taft Fredette, BYU basketball phenom. Also, name attributed to a great number of children born after 2010.

2. v. Jimmer: to school, beat-down, thrash, dominate, as in one's opponent.

3. adj. Jimmeriffic: superbly awesome and or spectacular.

4. adj. Jimmerlicious: superbly awesome and or spectacular food.

5. One who is in range as soon as he steps off the bus.

We tried to extend our defense, but he went Jimmer on us.

Jimmered verb 1: The act of being punked, embarrassed, shown up, humbled, shamed, owned, outclassed, humiliated, served, schooled, crushed, disgraced, and utterly disrespected on the basketball court.

San Diego State got Jimmered when Fredette carried BYU with 43 in Wednesday's victory.

Jimmered verb 2: To succeed at something in an exceptional manner. Named after BYU point guard Jimmer Fredette. Can also be used in the past tense form of "Jimmered" or "Jimmeresque" or "Jimmer show."

You Jimmered that test today.

Jimmer-mania noun: 1. An obsession of fans across the nation about BYU basketball star Jimmer Fredette.

Jimmer-sion noun 1: Being drowned by Jimmer Fredette's 3-point shots. e.g. "Sacre was baptized by Jimmersion."

Jimmer-cen-aries noun: 1. Zealous fans of Jimmer Fredette who wear No 32 jerseys and believe anything is possible from anywhere, anytime. "The Jimmercenaries are going crazy after Jimmer hits another 40-footer."

Jimmer-chan-dizer noun: One who sells BYU No. 32 jerseys, mugs, posters, magazine covers, TV ratings, pens, paper weights or any other commercial product as to gain economically from the image of Jimmer Fredette.

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Jimmer-ciful noun: When a player holds the ball at the end of the game letting the clock wind down. That player is really being Jimmerciful by not piling on unnecessary points with the clock winding down.

Jimmerged verb: When two or more players combine (or merge) for a Jimmer-like output.

"The entire Penn State team Jimmerged together to make 47 points tonight."

Jimmerit noun: When jimmer chastises you (similar to demerit). The ref received three Jimmerits tonight; he's being reviewed by conference officials as we speak.

Jimmer-time noun: When a person or a group is or is about to get Jimmered.

The team just went on a 12-0 run with 4 treys, it's Jimmertime.

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