After reading Doug Robinson's column in a recent paper ("Bus driver tires of barrage of crudity," March 15), I would like to commend Mr. Whetstone for his stand against crudity. As a mother of three young children who are just learning the power of words, I too often feel barraged with vulgar language in my everyday life.

Whether it be in print, on the TV or out of the mouths of others, I often fear what words my children will learn, and whether they will be repeated. It is a disgrace that I need to protect my children from what others are parading as free speech. Mr. Whetstone's actions were, in my opinion, unfairly punished by the Granite School District; he should be praised, no penalized.

Although by no means am I an advocate for violence or infringing on other's rights, I applaud his small stand against what has become all too common and should still be considered wrong. May we all be so brave to stand for what we believe to be right.

Arica Walker

West Jordan