Fueling up

Rock On isn't a huge Twitter fan, but he did notice something last week.

Someone with the username @HangtimeQ, who identified himself as Jazz guard Devin Harris, tweeted: "It (stinks) having to use premium fuel. $3.79 fa real smh (shaking my head)."

Rock On doesn't know exactly what that means, but he does know this: With a $9 million-a-year contract, it can't be Devin Harris fa real who's mad about $3.79 a gallon. Smh.

Proud and loud

After a loss in the NCAA Tournament to Notre Dame, last week, Ute guard Janita Badon was asked about the fan support at the Huntsman Center.

"They made us play with heart," she said. "They (Notre Dame) had height over us, but we had heart over them. I wouldn't trade anything in the world for our fans."

All 2,000 of 'em.

Bless their one-and-done, tournament-loving hearts.

Cooked up

The Philadelphia Union of Major League Soccer has announced a four-year, $12-million sponsorship deal with Bimbo Bakeries USA.

Four years, $12 million, Bimbos...

This doesn't have anything to do with Tiger Woods, does it?

The real thing

With all the attention devoted to BYU's honor code in recent weeks, and the ensuing questions, Rock On would like to clear up one point: being addicted to coke could get a person kicked out of school, but being addicted to Coke?

Not even if it's caffeinated.

Money shot

Reports say reality star Kim Kardashian has been on an amazing 51 magazine covers.

As opposed to her Nets' boyfriend Kris Humphries, who isn't sure his picture is in the game program.

Next year

If you want to know why Jim Boylen was fired as Utah's basketball coach, consider this: Three weeks ago, someone at the Huntsman Center was overheard to say: "Can anyone please tell me when cross country starts?"


Oakland University coach Greg Kampe, on President Obama picking Texas over the Golden Grizzlies: "I didn't vote for him, either, so I guess we're even now."

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