Hooray for former Sen. Bob Bennett's recent column ("Three largest entitlement programs," March 14). He wrote squarely about the economic challenges that we now face. He stated, regarding Social Security, that "… with just a few tweaks in the way future benefits are calculated, we can keep paying all current beneficiaries," and also by admitting that we have a problem with Medicare and Medicaid, realistic solutions can be found.

We all know that our country is in deep economical peril, however, it isn't the first time that we have faced crises. Woefully unprepared, we faced fearsome enemies in World War II. We tightened our belts, turned to God and, with amazing unity, won the victory. As a witness of those years, I am sure that we if we adopt those same principles, we will be victorious today.

Serious problems are nothing new in the 235 year history of our nation. These challenges were overcome through the utilization of the founding principles and the work and sacrifice of its citizens. Thus, our God-founded nation has been preserved.

Don S. Robertson

Spanish Fork