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Scott G. Winterton, Deseret News
BYU's Logan Magnusson waves to the crowd.

DENVER — Wofford had a plan to gang tackle Jimmer Fredette on Thursday. And when they did, the All-American guard found a guy off the bench who made the Terriers pay dearly in the Cougars' 74-66 win that advances BYU to the second round of the NCAA tournament.

Enter Logan Magnusson, a minuteman sent in for foul-plagued BYU starter Charles Abuou.

With 10 minutes to play in Thursday's win over Wofford, BYU nursed a 52-43 lead on a set of pounding dribble drives by Fredette. After Fredette initiated those penetrations into the heart of Wofford's collapsing double- and triple-team defense, Magnusson stepped out on the wing, alone as a guy can get in a basketball game.

He delivered.

Within two minutes, Fredette hit Magnusson with kickout passes and the former Wasatch High Wasp and Salt Lake Community College star drilled a pair of 3-pointers that essentially tucked the win away.

Wofford coach Mike Young said leaving Magnusson alone to focus on Fredette was a gamble he could live with, a statistical must in his game plan.

"He's a 27 percent 3-point shooter, isn't he?" the Terriers' coach asked.

Magnusson made Wofford pay, even when some of the other Cougars could not.

"We X'd out their bigs. It was our game plan. You don't count on their bigs hitting 3s," said Young.

Magnusson finished with 10 points, 7 rebounds and made 2-of-3 shots from distance. He found himself in the interview room alongside Fredette afterward.

Any idea that was coming when he got out of bed?

"Not at all. I was just hoping that we got a win this morning. That's all I was hoping for. We'll go from here," said Magnusson.

For a guy who averages 10 minutes a game and doesn't know when they'll come, his performance against Wofford loomed large.

"I always need to be ready," he said. "Our substitutions are getting thinner and thinner. I always need to be ready to go, ready to step in and play at any moment, especially when foul trouble happens.

"Just got to go out there and do the same thing every night. Whether I get one minute, no minutes, however many minutes I played tonight, I just need to be ready to go, ready to play at all times."

"In the first half, Logan gave us emotion and passion," said BYU coach Dave Rose. "In the second half, he gave us some 3s. He gave us energy."

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