Alan Diaz, File, Associated Press
FILE - In this Nov. 8, 2010, file photo Luis Posada Carriles talks to a reporter in Miami. The former CIA operative is on trial in El Paso, Texas, facing 11 counts of perjury, obstruction and naturalization fraud. He's accused of making false statements in 2005 for allegedly lying during immigration interviews in El Paso about how he got into the U.S. and about his role in a string of 1997 bombings that rocked Havana hotels and killed an Italian tourist.

EL PASO, Texas — A reporter who interviewed an ex-CIA agent about masterminding a series of 1997 bombings in Cuba says he viewed those attacks as heroic.

Ann Louise Bardach wrote for the New York Times when she traveled to Aruba in 1998 and interviewed Luis Posada Carriles (loo-EES' poh-SAH'-duh cah-REE'-lehs).

The 83-year-old Posada is an anti-communist militant on trial in Texas for perjury, obstruction and immigration fraud.

Bardach has spent years teaming with Times lawyers to battle subpoenas in the case, saying her testimony will make sources less likely to talk to reporters.

But she was compelled to testify Wednesday, and said that in interviews, Posada described "the heroic nature, in his view" of the Cuba bombings.

Posada sneaked into the U.S. in 2005 and prosecutors say he lied during subsequent immigration hearings.