What's wrong with the Utah Jazz? DJJazzyJody — aka moi — asked that question on Twitter Saturday during the Bulls' blowout. I received even more tweets back than Chicago hit 3-pointers. (For the record, @GreginUtah — Jazz CEO Greg Miller's Twitter account — did not submit a response.)

According to fans, here are some problems that ail the struggling Jazz (with tweets being kept mostly intact):

bsutefan: players left sloans system and disappeared (anderson, eisley, etc). It seems our whole team sign FA offers how they disappeared

mhumeniuk25: D is atrocious. pick and roll defense is not there they don't get under screens they go ovr top and can't get back. Pathetic.

khart1968: They have no leadership since Jerry and Deron are gone now.

Rasmunky: the jazz are struggling with their allergic reaction to defense. #allswollup

herrminer: Better question: What's NOT wrong with the Jazz?

moni__: if you are taking non-serious responses i blame purple ties. we are 2-12 when the head coach wears one. (sloan 2-9, corbin 0-3)

Bluemoon_76: AK's contract has suffocated the Jazz. They would of been able to keep some key players who left for free agency.

brgredd: There best shooter can't get into a bar.

Jazzybucman83: can't we just blame it on Boozer? Oh, forgot...well, can't we blame it on Deron? Oh, (dang)...well, forget it.

blindeaf: No Jerry and no dwill. KOC has done a poor job.

My_Lo: Clearly the problem is too much cowbell—minus the cow.

kebzach: what's wrong with the Jazz? Ownership and mgmt.

JD23UT: thanks, I'm going to go slit my wrists and do push-ups in lemon juice.

kurtadison: 1) lack of leadership 2) can't stay healthy 3) lack of full 48min effort 4) inconsistency 5) "feeling sorry for ourselves"

blrhees: I'll tell you what's wrong with the Jazz... they died. Doesn't matter though. It's all about getting ping pong balls now.

ChaseAmes: Defense, spacing, execution, no shooters, rebounding, effort, Raja Bell giving team nothing, no DWill, no Korver, no Matthews.

Bluemoon_76: not enough Red Panda for the halftime shows.

Sunathetuna: there's no cohesion or clear leadership, and way too many injuries throughout the season.

dianaallen: I'd like to think that playing time and fresh start next season will change that

jazzingitup: for the 7th year in a row the jazz have failed to have adequate interior defenders. This is 90% of their problems.

jazzhype: fact of the matter is, last year's solid team was gutted. Replaced with inferior talent. Now coach & superstar are gone.

Lord_Chadeous: not much talent, no team ball, and a coach who has a looooong way to go. That and they just plain suck

CowhideGlobe: We've collected stars from losing teams. Key players now have losing mentality. On Ty to fix.

@slcdunk: The Jazz are obviously giving up defense for Lent.

Clintonite33: With unfamiliarity comes struggles on both the offensive and defensive end of the floor. No one knows who to trust and when.

averagejoseph: Jazz didn't fully embrace rebuilding after Deron trade. Foolishly thought they could still do it this year even w April sched

JasonForTheLove: jazz (stink) cause they shipped their defense with Ups

increase_always: No flow, game-plan, or chemistry on either end of the court. bad coaching

Clintonite33: The Jazz just have too many new faces and not enough cohesion.. Staring to wonder if more PT together will change that though...

KevinOConnor_UJ: Me.

Bluemoon_76: ya! What Clint said. But he learns everything from me so just substitute my name.

Blindeaf: @DJJazzyJody


JD23UT: they have accepted losing as ok. p.s. Regardless of what they say, the body language and effort shows it.

Clintonite33: *end response* *end playoff hopes*


Monday vs. Sixers, 7 p.m., FSN

The Jazz's one-game home winning streak, no doubt, strikes fear in hearts of visiting Philly players.

Wednesday vs. T-Wolves, 7 p.m., FSN

Who would've ever thought Big Al would be on the (currently) inferior team in this match-up?

Sunday at Rockets, 5 p.m., FSN

Once upon a time, a thrilling comeback win at Houston seemed to be a positive turning point.


4: As a team, the Jazz struggled on their 1-3 road trip. But all four of their rookies hit career-highs on the Eastern swing: Gordon Hayward (18), Derrick Favors (16), Jeremy Evans (14) and Marcus Cousin (4).


Marcus Cousin

It's always exciting to see D-League guys get a chance.


Raja Bell

Only shot 33.3 percent during four-game road trip.