Tom Smart, Deseret News
Brothers Chris Collinsworth (left) and Kyle Collinsworth talk during the BYU men's basketball team's preseason media day at the Marriott Center in October. Both from Provo, Chris is a sophomore forward and Kyle is a freshman guard.

While nursing an major knee injury Chris Collinsworth has watched his younger brother Kyle be a major part of the Cougars remarkable season. Deseret News' Dick Harmon caught up with them this week, talking about Kyle's upcoming mission and their friendship with Brandon Davies.

Q. After January knee surgery, how close are you to getting back? Are you on track where they expect you to be?

Chris Collinsworth: As far as I know, I am on track. I am projected to be 100 percent healthy in June playing. Right now I'm doing all the rehab I'm supposed to be doing and hopefully that holds true. Right now it's a patience thing, I could do more than allowed, but I'm trying to be patient.

Q. How hard is it to sit back and watch your teammates win a title and play in postseason as a top-10 team?

CC: It's pretty hard. It can be frustrating because I want to play pretty bad. The longer I sit out, the more I want to play and there's nothing I can do. I can't even go out and shoot, but it will work out. It's tough for me and Brandon to sit out.

Q. Your family practically helped raise Brandon Davies, how have you guys reacted and felt about his suspension?

CC: He has a great mother who raised him. He's spent a lot of time at our house. I love the kid like a brother. He's been with me and my family the whole time, and it's been good for all of us and for him. Times like this you find out who really loves you. We'll always be there for him.

Q. After starting as a freshman, now you're heading for a mission to Russia when this season is over. What is your mindset about taking two years off?

Kyle Collinsworth: I am really excited and looking forward to the opportunity to serve in Russia. My mission is on the other side of the country from Moscow, over by Korea. It is actually closer to fly there through Korea than to go through Eastern Europe and Moscow.

Q. To be able to start most of this season as a freshman and be part of a top-10 team, how would you describe that experience as a rookie?

KC: It's been a dream come true. This has been a fun season, and I'm grateful to have been a part of it. We've had a lot of experiences that will last a lifetime; I couldn't have asked for anything more for my first year at BYU.