Perhaps it has occurred to former Sen. Bob Bennett that we the people sent him and most all of the other representatives to be watchmen over our nation's future ("Getting our financial house in order," Feb. 21). With all their good intentions and scholarly backgrounds they collectively, in many instances, failed this country.

It seems simple — when Columbus came to this new and favored land (with due respect to our Native Americans) he was the first to plant his feet in the offshore waters and others of his crew followed with the demographics and circumstances ever looming thereafter in subsequent years. Eventually, we have knowingly and continually "kicked the can down the road" and now we find ourselves in a quandary (no, not a dilemma).

Let's hope that our current watchmen will exercise foresight in preparing more adequately for the future. I, for one, look forward to Bennett's positivity in his forthcoming columns.

Jim Fischer

East Millcreek