Reporters and pundits may argue over the principal goal of the BYU honor code, the hardcore sports fans will mourn the timing of the decision, but the title of victor still belongs to Brandon Davies. His violation of the Honor Code aside, I am thoroughly impressed with the resolution of a 19-year-old to make public a very personal matter.

Not only was he fully cognizant of the risk that this declaration could cost him (and even his team) the spot in the NCAA Tournament — the personal and spiritual anguish for him is even less enviable. To their credit, his teammates and classmates have stood beside him to help him through this difficult time. Considering that in sports, politics and love, honesty has almost completely lost its value, the actions of Davies show to professional athletes and political figures the value of being honest. Rebounding records and college days will fade away, but the honor of this young man is not to be questioned.

Cassidy Swallow

Cedar City