Brian Nicholson, El Observador de Utah
Gary Herbert

HB477 is an affront to any citizen that yearns for transparency and honesty in government. The yowls of protest, finger-pointing, and hand wringing evident in the Reader's Forum of March 8, are justified. However, shouldn't some of those fingers be pointing right back at the persons who expressed their dismay? What does one expect from a one-party political system except arrogance and deviousness?

There was an array of Utah County moderate Democratic candidates poised and hopeful to be elected to state and county offices last November. They are intelligent, experienced, church- and civic-minded, none of whom, I wager, would have supported HB477. How many were elected? Not one! Those who are outraged and apoplectic about HB477 should consider a vote to lessen the influence of one party and strengthen the other when they next stand in the booth.

David Dalton