College basketball: TBA vs. Ohio State (10 a.m., ESPN); North Carolina vs. TBA (10 a.m., ESPN2); Colorado State vs. New Mexico (10 a.m., The mtn.); Illinois vs. Michigan (noon, ESPN); Clemson vs. TBA (noon, ESPN2); Bucknell vs. Lafayette (2:30 p.m., ESPN2); Big East first semifinal, teams TBA (5 p.m., ESPN); Duke vs. TBA (5 p.m., ESPN2); Big East second semifinal, teams TBA (7 p.m., ESPN); Florida State vs. TBA (7 p.m., ESPN2); Pac-10 first semifinal, teams TBA (9 p.m., FSN); Pac-10 second semifinal, teams TBA (9:30 p.m., FSN)

NBA basketball (6 p.m., FSN): Jazz at Timberwolves

The Defenders (7 p.m., Ch. 2): Nick and Pete dissolve their partnership in order to represent a married couple accused of killing a yoga instructor.

Supernanny (7 p.m., Ch. 4): A woman who wants to be a "fun mom" struggles to accept Jo's advice on disciplining her three boys.

Kitchen Nightmares (7 p.m., Ch. 13): Ramsay visits a Providence, R.I., restaurant.

CSI: NY (8 p.m., Ch. 2): A popular student at a private school is murdered.

Fringe (8 p.m., Ch.13): The team investigates a group of thieves who are able to break the laws of gravity.

Blue Bloods (9 p.m., Ch.2): Danny vows to find the killer of a war hero who was homeless.