A flood of media reaction is pouring in about Mitt Romney's prospective presidential candidacy in the wake of his speech in New Hampshire on Saturday.

Steve Kornacki at Salon wrote a piece Monday titled "Mitt Romney and his five political lives" that details many of the things working against Romney's bid for the White House.

The very next day, however, Kornacki penned another article wherein he concludes Romney is still the favorite for the GOP nomination.

"It is tempting — very, very tempting — to write off Willard 'Mitt' Romney as a serious contender for next year's Republican presidential nomination. And, in fact, several knowledgeable observers already have. … And yet, despite all of this, I'd still bet that GOP's standard-bearer next year will end up being Mitt Romney."

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Syndicated columnist Michael Kinsley flat-out doesn't like Romney, as expressed in his recent column ("if anything is transparently clear about American politics, it is that Mitt Romney will do or say anything to become president"). The opinion article ends with Kinsley sharing a first-person recollection from Romney's childhood (both men attended the same private high school in Michigan).

The Washington Post spent time examining all the things Romney is doing differently this time around from the tactics he employed for the 2008 election.

Real Clear Politics notes that, in the wake of Romney's anti-Obama op-ed piece Tuesday in the Boston Herald, Romney has now written 20 newspaper editorials and granted zero newspaper interviews since the end of the 2008 election cycle.

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