Scott G. Winterton, Deseret News
David Divver

OGDEN — The Chinese New Year states that 2011 is the year of the rabbit.

Well, it might have to be reevaluated and changed to the Ram.

Highland was able to complete the sweep of championships in both football and basketball after defeating Bountiful, 48-42, on Saturday at Weber State Saturday.

It was the seventh basketball title in school history dating back to 1964 and the first since the 2006 season.

Heading into the title contest, all the talk focused on Sam Orchard, Nate Fakahafua, Lew Evans and Steven Divver, and rightfully so.

However, it would be the shortest and youngest player on the Rams' roster that would have his coming out party on the biggest stage of all.

David Divver, only 15 years old, marched into the Dee Events Center as the only player without a driver's license — though he was quick to add he's got his learner's permit.

The sophomore would connect on 3-of-6 treys and lead his team in scoring with 10 points.

"He's played a lot of basketball, he's played some AAU stuff," said Highland coach Keith West. "He's played in some big tournaments, really good competition. It's not his first rodeo. He's a good player and people know that he can shoot it."

With 1:09 remaining in regulation, at 41-36, Bountiful had just intercepted an inbounds pass and was charging in for a layup to cut the Highland lead to three.

Divver quickly snuck into position and sacrificed his body, picking up an enormous charging foul that basically sealed the outcome.

"I saw Lew (Evans) throw the turnover and then I saw (Dillon) Salazar get it," stated Divver. "Right when I saw him turn the corner, I found myself right there and said ,'Uh-uh,' and he just plowed me."

His coach was mighty impressed.

"For a sophomore to step up and have to have the knowledge to know that, 'All I got to do is step in, let him roll over me, and we get the ball back,'" added West. "That was a huge, huge play."

Divver doesn't turn 16 until April 21 this year, but something points to this birthday being especially sweet when he's able to sport a state championship ring.