The dismissal of Brandon Davies from BYU's basketball team continues to ripple through the sports world, but because of the private school's position as a religious institution, the ripples are touching on faith and other religions as BYU upholds its standard.

The Huffington Post's Rabbi Joshua Hess likened the discipline the faiths of Judaism and Mormonism share as he reflected on Brandon Davies' situation at BYU.

Hess writes about the spiritual implications this time will have for Davies, a time to grow and learn about compassion and repentance.

Otherwise, the basketball team felt the impact last night with the loss to the New Mexico Lobos.

ESPN's power rankings have already noticed, dropping BYU three spots to No. 10, saying it was the "first total meltdown of the season," and that the "loss looms large."

BYU had been No. 7 in that poll before beating San Diego State, but now the Aztecs remain ahead at No. 7.

Yahoo!'s Jeff Eisenberg offers thoughts on roster moves in order to remain competitive for the remainder of the season, but that was before Wednesday's debacle. Eisenberg also takes a brief look at other athletes who have been dismissed at the school.

Here are results of a KSL/Deseret News poll of 314 people conducted Thursday evening with an error of +/- 5.7 percent. One question focused on Davies.

5. On another subject, Brigham Young University basketball player Brandon Davies was suspended from the team this week after he violated the honor code. Do you think BYU did the right thing in suspending Davies at this time in the season?

Definitely 67%

Probably 15%

Probably not 2%

Definitely not 6%