"We are very excited to add a player the caliber of Deron Williams to our roster. He is one of the premier point guards in the NBA, and his skill and talent level will bolster our franchise as we continue to build towards our goal of becoming a championship-caliber team."

— Nets general manager Billy King

"I have no reaction to what the Jazz are doing. We wish him well. We wish the Jazz well. Good luck to Deron."

— Jerry Sloan, when reached at his home in Illinois

"Very rarely are you able to trade for somebody who's arguably — arguably — the best at their position. We know we had to give up a lot to get him but we felt it was worth it."

— Nets coach Avery Johnson

"From a personal standpoint, because the guy's been around for the time that he's been around here, you will miss him and you are sad for him, making the change and leaving. But it's the business and you have to move on."

— Jazz coach Tyrone Corbin

"My initial reaction is, 'Wow.' That I didn't see that coming, whatsoever. So that was a little bit of a shocker."

— Cavaliers coach Byron Scott

"Everybody knows me and him were close. We came in the same year (2005). I knew him before I got there (in Utah). We knew each other before we got in the league. I also understand being here — this is my sixth year in the league — knowing it's a business and knowing that's the way it goes sometimes. I didn't see that one coming, but I'm obviously going to have to move on and play."

— Jazz small forward C.J. Miles

"It is a challenge, but you've got to learn how to deal with it, just build from it, grow from it. Things like that happen. We understand that, so we've just got to be players and just come out and do our jobs and move on from it."

— Jazz forward Paul Millsap

"It's part of the business. I got a chance to play for a living legend (coach Jerry Sloan), and I got chance to play with a great point guard. I've got another great point guard coming here. We've still got a great group of guys here. I think we still have a chance to make the playoffs and make a run."

— Jazz center Al Jefferson

"As everybody, I was shocked. There was no discussion about it. Nobody was discussing this, so we find out from the TV about it like they were discussing in the morning and then when D-Will told us that he got traded we didn't believe him at first. ... It's tough."

— Jazz center Kyrylo Fesenko

"We lose a great player and I wish him nothing but blessings in New Jersey. He deserves to achieve every goal he sets out to achieve. He works hard. He's a great leader. But at the same time, we have to take care of our team and get to where we need to get to position-wise in order to have an impact in the playoffs."

— Jazz guard Earl Watson

"I was definitely surprised. We couldn't believe it. ... It's a huge business. It's not nice when you're losing your point guard and you lose him, but it is what it is."

— Jazz forward Andrei Kirilenko

"It's strange. It's crazy. To see D-Will in the training room laughing with us and the next thing you know he's gone. But it's a business and it shows you that. You've got to try to move forward and play some basketball."

— Jazz forward Gordon Hayward

"I've been in the league for eight years and I've seen people come and go. If you look at it when Shaq left the Lakers to go to another team, that was a big shock. I was shocked that time, but after that nothing shocks me anymore. It's a business and everybody knows that. People want to win and people make decisions that they think can help."

— Jazz center Francisco Elson

"He came up and said good luck. I laughed at him because I thought he was joking. I got on the bus and got a text from my cousin, and I guess it was true."

— Jazz forward Jeremy Evans