Deron Williams Trade Overnight Survey

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In a statewide poll of 306 households conducted today, Utahns were asked their opinions on the Utah Jazz trade which will send Deron Williams to the New Jersey Nets in exchange for Devin Harris and Derrick Favors and two future first round picks.

1. Overall, would you say the Jazz made the right choice to trade Williams?

Definitely 36%

Probably 34%

Probably not 7%

Definitely not 10%

2. In your opinion, how will this trade affect the Jazz' chance for a playoff bid this year? Would you say it will…?

Improve their chances a lot 5%

Improve chances a little 13%

Make no difference 26%

Hurt a little 31%

Hurt chances a lot 19%

3. From what you know or have heard, who got the best end of the deal?

Definitely Jazz 25%

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Probably Jazz 32%

Probably Nets 19%

Definitely Nets 14%

4. Thinking about the long run ….will the trade make the Jazz a stronger team?

Definitely 27%

Probably 45%

Probably not 15%

Definitely not 4%

5. In your opinion, can teams like the Utah Jazz ever compete against larger market teams for star players?

Definitely 24%

Probably 37%

Probably not 25%

Definitely not 8%

6. William's contract with the Jazz was to end after next season which would have made him a free agent. Do you think Williams would have signed another contract with the Jazz or would he have left the Jazz at the end of his contract?

Definitely signed 2%

Probably signed 6%

Probably left Jazz 35%

Definitely left Jazz 51%

7. As you may know, Jazz coach Jerry Sloan resigned a few weeks ago. Do you think the Williams trade was related to Jerry Sloan's resignation?

Definitely 24%

Probably 40%

Probably not 20%

Definitely not 9%

8. Would you say you are .....

An avid Jazz fan 19%

An average Jazz fan 64%

Not very interested in Jazz basketball 12%

Not at all interested in Jazz basketball 4%

9. And, have you been to a Jazz game in the past three years?

Yes, this year 27%

Yes in 3 years 32%

No not in the past three years 41%