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Mike Terry, Deseret News
Deron Williams was traded to the Nets Wednesday.

"The Jazz aren't better for the trade but they're better off. I'm nervous but also excited to see what the Jazz will do. My hopes and prayers go out to Ty Corbin, cause he'll need them!" Brad Taggart, 26, Salesman

"So he (Deron Williams) caused a whole lot of trauma and contributed to Sloan stepping down and now he's leaving, lame," said Jessica Freece, 29, "I'm a dancer and I wear his jersey on stage, now I have to retire it."

"I'm mixed, I wonder if we got the better end of the deal, then again, we don't want somebody who doesn't want to be here," Ryan Hancey, 37, Attorney

"It's unfortunate that Sloan left and whether Deron Williams had anything to do with it, it's ironic that Sloan left then Deron leaves," Kari Dolan, 25, Customer Service

"It caught me by surprise, he must have been more of a nuisance than we thought to drop your best player half way through the season," Dave Norton, 58, works in investments

"I thought it was a rumor until I read it on the news," Sagar Basnet, 24, salesman

"Can we have Sloan back now? I want Sloan." Craig Samuelson, 29, Accounting Manager

"If he wasn't going to leave now, he would have," Aaron Clark, 42, Chief