SALT LAKE CITY — Unlike the other Jazz players, who got to take some extra time off over the All-Star break, Utah's Deron Williams spent three days in Los Angeles, doing interviews Friday, watching the festivities Saturday, playing in Sunday night's game and denying rumors afterwards.

Williams was the subject of a story Sunday by Ken Berger CBS Sports, which said Williams told unnamed sources he would join Amare Stoudemire in New York next year when he becomes a free agent.

Sunday night after the game, Williams called the report "not credible" and added, "When you hear it from my mouth, when you hear me say, "I want to go to New York,' then you believe it."

Before Monday night's practice in Salt Lake, Williams didn't add anything for Utah fans when asked about the report.

"I'll just say the same thing — it's rumors," he said. "You can choose to believe them or choose not to."

That was it and Williams moved on to talking about his weekend and the upcoming game with Dallas.

"It was fun," he said of Sunday night's game when he had five points and seven assists in 18 minutes. "All Star weekend is always fun. It was good to be a part of and I enjoyed myself."

THE BIG 3-0: Andrei Kirilenko did what he always does during the All-Star break. He celebrated his birthday.

This one was a little more special, however as he turned 30 on Feb. 18.

"I always have my birthday during the All-Star break," he said. "My best present is that I had about 15 friends come from Russia. It's a long way for them, but they made it, so it was very good."

Kirklenko didn't say whether he paid to fly his friends in for the weekend. But with his $17 million-a-year contract, he could certainly afford it.

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WIN DROUGHT: The Jazz have now gone 14 days since their last victory, which is the longest win drought, well, since last month, when they went 14 days between victories. The Jazz streak will reach at least 15 days and could go longer depending if they can win at Dallas on Wednesday, Indiana on Friday or Detroit on Saturday.

The last time the Jazz went more than 15 days during a season between victories was back in March of 2005 when they went 20 days between wins in a nine-game losing streak from .

But even that wasn't even close to the all-time win drought, set back in 1982.

That season, the Jazz went an incredible 37 days between victories, from Feb. 23 to April 2. The Jazz finished with a 25-57 record that year and were actually 6-4 in April after going 0-for-March.