I began my high school coaching career at West High in 1983 shortly before Jerry Sloan took over as Head Coach of the Jazz. I want to thank the organization for providing myself and our players with such great examples as John Stockton, Karl Malone, Jerry Sloan and Phil Johnson over the years.

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Coach Sloan has been a great inspiration to me with the way he conducted himself throughout the years, and I am very sad to see such a legend as him leave the game. I wish him and Coach Johnson a great retirement

In recent years I have had the extreme pleasure of coaching Tyrell Corbin at West High. He is the son of the new Jazz coach Ty Corbin. I can honestly say that if Ty is half the coach that he and his wife, Danta, are as parents, then he will be very successful as the new head coach. Also if the Jazz players will respond to his guidance and instruction in basketball the way his son has from his father, then Jazz fans will be in for a real treat the next few years. Good luck Ty!

Bob Lyman

Head basketball coach, West High School