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Scott G. Winterton, Deseret News
Deron Williams and his son D.J. attended the BYU-Utah game Saturday.

PHOENIX — Deron Williams and C.J. Miles had to see it for themselves.

The two Jazz players got a glimpse of Jimmermania on Saturday afternoon when they watched Utah and BYU play in the Marriott Center. Although Jimmer Fredette didn't light the Utes up like he did the first time BYU and Utah played this season, the Jazz pair still came away impressed.

"He definitely can score the basketball," Miles said. "They played good defense on him, and he did a good job not forcing a lot of shots."

So can the Jimmer make it in the NBA? Yes, according to Miles.

"You can score that basketball, you can shoot the ball like he can, you can get in this league," Miles said. "Anybody will take anybody that can shoot the basketball."

Fredette scored 23 points against the Utes after shooting 3-for-9 in the first half.

"He struggled a little bit in that first half, but the second half he came back and had a great game," said Williams. "It was a fun game to watch."

Williams and Miles both enjoyed their experience in the Marriott Center.

"I didn't know the arena was that big," Williams said. "It's bigger than (where) Illinois (plays). It's bigger than EnergySolutions isn't it?"

It is bigger, but the atmosphere isn't better than the one Williams, an Illinois alum, played in, he said.

"It was good — it wasn't like Illinois, but it was good," Williams said.

IS MALONE NEXT?: Karl Malone mentioned carrying on the legacies of Jerry Sloan and Phil Johnson as a coach when he was in town for the Jazz's 95-83 loss to the Suns on Friday. There's always a chance Malone could join the Jazz in some capacity, but probably not for a few years at least. He has a son who is a sophomore in high school and a highly touted football player.

"I didn't talk to him in-depth," Corbin said of his dealings with Malone. "We'll have a chance to talk later once we get things get settled down."

Would Malone make a good coach?

"I have no idea," Corbin said. "I know he was a great player in this league."

SON-FATHERLY ADVICE: Corbin has gotten advice from various sources about leading the Jazz since becoming Utah's head coach on Thursday. After his son, Tyrell, arguably the best high school player in the state, led his West Panthers past Cottonwood on Friday, the son offered his two cents worth.

"He drew up a play for me," Corbin said. "They beat Cottonwood, so he says, 'Dad, I got a great play for you.'"

No word on if Corbin will use it against the Suns tonight.

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