Ravell Call, Deseret News
Jerry Sloan

I have grown up watching Jazz basketball, and Jazz basketball is Jerry Sloan basketball. My dad has always praised Sloan's no-nonsense style. As my dad taught me about the importance of discipline in all we do, he often had me observe the level of consistency Coach Sloan's players were expected to have. I have always respected dedication and hard work because of it.

Many players came and went during Sloan's time as head coach. Those who played the way Sloan taught were successful no matter the franchise they later played for. Those who only gave a half-hearted effort had disappointing results. Sloan's system was structured so that if you worked hard, when your number was called, you would have a chance to be successful.

Thank you, Coach Sloan for your example of work, loyalty, humility and dedication.

Jacob Hillier