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Here are some books that have crossed our desks recently.


"THE WEIRD SISTERS," by Eleanor Brown, Amy Einhorn Books/Putnam, $24.95, 320 pages (f)

Three sisters — a mathematician, an urbanite and a drifter — come home to care for their ailing mother, try to mask their own personal disasters and how they've measured up to their parents' high expectations. Each has a secret and a fear that they try to keep from each other as they reconnect and find the answers they seek.

"CRAZY," by William Peter Blatty, A Forge Hardcover, $22.99, 192 pages (f)

Set in 1941 New York, this comedic tale is about a young smart aleck kid and a mysterious girl he meets. She seems to know more about him than anyone and no one has heard of her. Until it all makes sense.

More hardbacks recently released:

"IF WISHES WERE HORSES," by Robert Barclay (f): After the death of his wife and son, Wyat Blaine reinstates his later wife's horse therapy program for troubled teens only to the widow of man responsible for the deaths beg to have her son admitted to the program.

"LOVE LETTERS," by Katie Fforde (f): In this mix of romance and comedy, Laura finds love in unexpected places as she helps plan the literary festival and tries to persuade a reclusive writer to participate.

"CALL ME IRRESISTIBLE,"by Susan Elizabeth Phillips (f): After breaking up her best friend's wedding, Meg finds herself stranded in the tiny town and works to find a way out without falling for her friend's ex-fiance, Mr. Irresistible.

"DEEP BLACK: DEATH WAVE," by Stephen Coonts and William H. Keith (f): The latest in the Deep Black series, where Charlie Dean and team must head off radical Islamists and rogue Chinese elements planning a catastrophe.

"THE FOUR STAGES OF CRUELTY,"by Keith Hollihan (f): A guard and a young inmate seek to crack a code to uncover the illegal underground world in the prison.

"A LONELY DEATH: An Inspector Ian Rutledge Mystery," by Charles Todd (f): In exploring the effects of bullying, this mystery of the murders of several soldiers who served in the Great War leads the inspector to see if it's the effect of war or an incident from their childhood that leads to their death.


"WINTER GARDEN," by Kristin Hannah, St. Martin's Griffin, $14.99, 436 pages (f)

After their father's death, two adult sisters struggle to connect with their mother, who rarely showed them affection. The sisters try to sort out the fairy tales their mother told them of her native Russia to figure out their mother's past.

"MARCELO IN THE REAL WORLD," by Francisco X. Stork, Scholastic, $9.99, 312 pages (f)

Marcelo Sandoval has an autism-like condition that doctors aren't able to identify and his father, who doesn't quite believe in his son's perception of the world, challenges Marcelo to work in his law firm's mailroom for the summer. There, he finds connections to the real world.

More paperbacks recently released:

"THE GIRL IN THE GATEHOUSE," by Julie Klassen (f): Set in the 19th century, outcast Mariah Aubrey secretly writes novels in a gatehouse on a distant relative's estate. Things get complicted when the estate is leased to a Captain Matthew Bryant and hidden secrets threaten to ruin his plans.

"DREAMING IN ENGLISH,"by Laura Fizgerald (f): Tamila Soroush comes to the United States from Iran in search of finding her luck and love but discovers that freedom is not for the faint of heart as she seeks her American dream.

"SOMEONE ELSE'S GARDEN," by Dipika Rai (f): A woman in a lower caste in India is abused by her father and must escape from her arranged marriages as she seeks to find love and peace with her past.

"A PALACE IN THE OLD VILLAGE,"by Tahar Ben Jelloun (f): Once Mohammed retires in France, he returns to Morocco to build a home for his entire family in this look at old world versus new world values.

"THE MIRROR OF KARMA AND THE 4 SISTERS," by Alicia Hou (f): Affected by China's one-child policy, a mother keeps a secret for 20 years that she has three more children from a previous marriage.

"MISS ME WHEN I'M GONE," by Philip Stephens (f): Folk singer Cyrus Harper returns to his Missouri roots to care for his ailing mother and is drawn to many of the figures from his past in the ever-changing town.

"ALLISON HEWITT IS TRAPPED,"by Madeleine Roux (f): A blogger and her friends fight back as a zombie apocalypse descends on them in a bookstore.


"NO APOLOGY: Believe in America," by Mitt Romney (nf);

"HOW TO LOVE," by Gordon Livingston, M.D. (nf);

"SUNDAYS AT TIFFANY'S," by James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet (f); "RAIDER'S RANSOM,"by Emily Diamand (f);

"THINK TWICE," by Lisa Scottoline (f);

"HESTER: The Missing Years of the Scarlet Letter," by Paula Reed (f)

— compiled by

Christine Rappleye