Randy Rigby, Pres., Utah Jazz: Today the Utah Jazz has accepted the resignation of Jerry Sloan as head basketball coach and Phil Johnson as the first assistant

Though 2 basketball legends stepped down today their passion character and work ethic will forever remain the foundation of this organization

The greatest complement we can give is that you gave us your best

You made us a better team, a better organization and a better community

We express our love and appreciation to Jerry and Tammy, Phil and Anne; you'll forever be a part of us.

Jerry Sloan/former Utah Jazz coach: This is a little bit tougher than I thought it would be

But I would like to say thanks to a lot of people

Number one, going back to when I first came here with Sam Battistone, he was the owner of the team and Frank Layden was a coach

And I would like to thank them for bring me here, primarily because Coach Phil Johnson recommended me for a job

And then the Miller family bought the Utah Jazz and worked w/Frank and Frank stepped down

I always say this: I could have still been with Frank assistant coach till the day

I've been fortunate to have terrific people to work with and make my coaching staff all the coach that have worked with us,

The fans and this organization have been second to none

We lose 56 games we still have a tremendous crowd coming watching our team

Players. We've had terrific players. We've been fortunate enough to have great players to coach

To have an opportunity to compete

And I think I've been blessed

For being here the number of years

And I've been here as a head coach

I will say this, when I took the job as head coach Craig came to me and said good luck

I said, all I ask is to be fair

And the fans have been fair, the reporters have been fair all the people who have been responsible for me being here for as long as I have, have been more than fair

And I thank you for that

26 years is a long time to be with one organization, and I again have been blessed

But, today is a new day. I get this over with, I know I'm going to feel much better

My time is up. And it's time for me to move on

I'd like to thank the Miller family for sticking by me throughout my career here as a coach

Phil Johnson/former Jazz assistant coach: I usually don't get to talk very much because Jerry gets to take all the time

It's about time you let me do something

I want to thank the same people he did because I came. Frank brought me here originally; Scott Layden was working front officer actually assistant coach then

Later, Larry had the team and I came back

I want to thank all the people associated with the team. Our coaching staff is very, very close

I go back to, I had a couple of chances to leave this organization, and Larry Miller called me up one time, after I turned it down, and he said, "I will never forget this" and he didn't

(Crying) So, I want to thank Jerry, Greg, Gail, Kevin has been terrific, all this time, particularly, I want to thank my family because they have stuck with me all whole time

It's an experience that not many people have because we've been here for such a long time and so many relationships get built over that time

In this business you can be some place for 2 years and be gone. Very few relationships are built through the press, the fans, the ownership and the people you work with

So I am thankful that, and most of all I'm thankful for Jerry Sloan and the opportunity he has given me.

Gail Miller, Utah Jazz owner I know that all good things must come to an end

And today is the end of an amazing era

Jerry you've become an institution and as far as this franchise is concerned. And Phil, you've always been beside him

The stability that you Jerry and your staff has brought to this franchise is unparallel and the players that you have produced will be a big part of our legacy for a long time and yours

I have nothing but admiration for the way that you coached this franchise for the past 23 years plus and I wish you and your families the very best

Thank you Jerry, thank you Phil I will always remember you as the solid and stable foundation that the Utah Jazz was built on

My best to both of you and your families

Kevin O'Connor/Utah Jazz general manager: In about my third year here, I realized no matter how much I cared about winning and losing, there were three people in the building that cared more.

2 of them are sitting over there, and Larry was the other one

I also think that both coach and Coach Phil cared more about the organization than they cared about their personal advancement, and I've always respected that

It was never about what kind of players, or what are you going to do for us, it was always what was good for the organization

And if you have ever been in any other place, you've dealt with other things like that; you realize that's unique

The other thing I'd like to say...

Up until about 10 minutes ago, we were still trying to talk both Jerry and Phil out of leaving but that didn't work either, so we didn't do a good job recruiting in that respect

I wish their families the best and I can't imagine what you two are going to do at home all day long

Greg Miller/president, LHM Companies: I'd like to start by making it clear that nobody pushed Jerry or Phil out

No players pushed him out; Kevin didn't push them out... An aspiring head coach didn't push them out and I certainly didn't push them out

I've loved and respected Jerry for as long as I can remember

And I truly appreciated the opportunities that I've had over the last couple of years to be a little bit closer to him

And basically have him validate that all the principles that I learned from him years ago, were in fact part of his fabric

I have great respect and admiration for Jerry and I will miss him

But I will benefit from the things that he taught me for the rest of my life

Jerry and our family have always had the type of relationship where we could operate with the understanding that if it didn't' feel right for either one of us we knew we could sit down and have a discussion and make adjustments as necessary

This morning, when we met with Jerry as a family, he informed us that the time had come for him to do that

As much as I hated hearing that I have to respect that it's his decision and his life

And I assure you that all of us that were in the room, threw everything we had at him to try to get him to stay

When my parents bought the franchise back in 1985, they wanted to make sure that there were certain key elements or corner stones, if you will, that were part of this franchise

Hard work, discipline, loyalty, accountability, structure and support are some of those things

My dad worked hard for a lot of years to try to teach my brothers and I the importance of those values, and

And as I've led this company over the last 2 1/2 years or so, I've done everything I can to perpetuate those values

And I have every intention of doing that, going forward with particular focus on the way the Utah Jazz run

I believe very strongly that it's extremely important for the players to know that we support the coach

Anything less than full support of the head coach in my opinion is a breeding ground for mayhem

And so as long as I have anything to say about it, the coach of the Utah Jazz will have my full support, and I speak for our entire family when I say that

I had one of the great moments of my career last night when I was talking to Jerry after the game and expressed to him my commitment and my support to him and he said to me quote; your commitment to your coaches and the people who work for you is second to none

Now I don't say that to boast. I'm just sharing a moment a personal moment with you because here's a man who exemplifies loyalty and he was kind enough to say those words to me. And I'll never forget those

Filling the shoes of a legend is never easy, but I am committed to doing all I can to perpetuate the winning ways of the Utah Jazz and enhance them, whenever and wherever possible

My style is to try to keep the best of the past ... Part of who we are. While looking for ways to get better and improve

And I would just like to assure everybody that as long as I have anything to say about it, we will continue to work toward an NBA championship

Randy Rigby (2nd time): following the legacy of Jerry Sloan will be no easy task

However we are honored to announce today also that Tyron Corbin as the new head basketball coach for the Utah Jazz

We are confident in Ty's leadership, his character and his hard work and that it will continue to enrich the legacy of the Utah Jazz.

We also appreciate the great support of Dante and Ty's family also being part of this important decision

Thank you both, and we look forward to a bright future

Tyrone Corbin/new Jazz coach: Thank you Randy

First of all, I'd like to thank my family for all the support they've given me over the years

For this great opportunity, I thank the Utah Jazz, the Miller family, Coach Sloan and Phil

I can never thank you guys enough

And for me this is a bittersweet moment

I had no idea going into shootaround yesterday and the game last night, and then coming in this mroni8ng that coach and Phil would not be with us for shot around

So while it's a great opportunity for me, it's a bitter moment for me because I will miss these guys a lot

Scotty and I will try and move forward but right now, I just don't feel as great as it's going to be I guess. But I want to thank you guys and the Miller family, and I want to thank Kevin and randy for all your confidence in me

We will do the best job that we can and I can't thank these guys enough for bringing me in, first as a player back in the 90s playing for the Jazz and having all the experiences of playing for great coach and Phil

And learning as a young coach as part of their staff how to manage a team and be dedicated and come into work and force guys to be accountable every night and to be accountable yourself because the guys watch what your doing

So, I look forward to the opportunity but I don't' think this time right now should be about me I think it should be focused on these two guys because they deserve it

I'll be around for the duration but please give the time to these guys because they deserve it. Thank you for having me

Gail Miller (2nd time): Boy you better get used to having the attention on you

I have no desire for you to try to fill Jerry 's shoes. I'd like to stand on his shoulders and move forward in the same direction

Know that we are there to help lift you and help you do your job

I think that basketball has changed a lot in the time that we've owned it; we've seen a lot of players come and go but we've had the same coaches and we need to remember that

The players do come and go but the franchise will remain here and we will put our full support behind you and Dante

We have the utmost confidence in your ability to lead this team and do as great a job as you can imagine. We thank you for accepting and we wish you the very best

Kevin O'Connor: Ty if you do about the same as Jerry does, that's 2034 we'll have another one of these ... Conferences

Greg Miller: I would just like to express gratitude to Jerry and Phil for taking Ty under their wings and teaching him what you can or what you did about coaching and preparing him for his day in the sun

Question (waking up one day its over.)

Sloan: I thought about it a few days ago and it seemed like this was the time to do it

When it's all said and done it's just a matter of me deciding it's time for me to leave

Not big a big deal out of most things anyway, go forward

(Why now?) You know you only have so much energy left and my energy level has dropped off a little bit and I think it's time that somebody else gets a chance

Let's move forward. It's the only thing I can tell you

(Player confrontations) I've had confrontations with players since I've been in the league, whether it's guys I've coached ...I've coached a number of guys I've had confrontations with, but those things are minor as far as trying to go forward.

(Game less fun than say a decade ago) just because my energy level isn't as high as it used to be, everything that hit me I challenged, everything that popped up I challenged for a long time

My energy level isn't as good as it used to be that's why Scott and Ty and Phil have done a lot to cover my rear end

(Enter this season thinking it's the last year) I entered every day thinking it could be my last day,

I know that sounds pretty corny but I'm a corny guy

Phil Johnson answers questions –

(Phil. Stepping down same time as Jerry) I came with him and I'll leave with him

I've had opportunities to coach other places, I've interviewed at other places. If

I felt like we were so tied together I think that Ty will do I'm older than Jerry for one thing, six months that's older right? And I can't stay here another 23 years ok

So I think they need to give it to a younger guy and Scott will do a great job with the team and Ty has tremendous character

For myself, I just felt like ... I've been thinking about it all year actually and if Jerry decided to leave, I would leave with him, I just made that decision a long time ago actually

(Offers from other organizations question to Jerry) no, I'm not looking for another job

My wife has a job for me when I get home

I haven't talked to the team specifically because I haven't had the opportunity

When we got done with the game last night it was kind of an in-and-out deal. That's where we went

Ty Corbin: (Ty... Most important thing you've learned from Jerry/Phil)

Hard work, dedication, you can't replace it with anything else

(Ty when did you learn you would be head coach?) What time is it? We talked about. You guys met about ten they called me over about 12:30- 1 o'clock.

(Sloan did you think about it overnight?) We talked about it, and I decided to give it a night's rest and see where we are

Difficult decision how does it rate in your life Jerry? You know when I got fired in Chicago I didn't have a decision to make

I'm fortunate in many ways I had the opportunity, I felt tremendous support from this organization, and it's just one of those things

Maybe one day, people have always asked me how long are you going to coach. Maybe another day, maybe I'll wake up tomorrow. You've all heard it... And that's kind of where we were

(Have the 2 of you talked about leaving together?)Sloan... No I didn't even know he was going to leave

Kevin O'Connor (Kevin does this announcement hurt the team?) You know, anytime you make a change you don't know what's going to happen, ok, but I think players play, coaches coach, managers manage and owners own, and that's what we've always tried to work on

Tomorrow we play phoenix and the players have to player and the coaches have to coach, and you know...

Is there a void with the number of years that the coach has been here? Yeah

Do we feel we are in very capable hands? Yes

(Close team. Players back this move?) You know, I think the players have a great deal of respect for who the head coach was and hopefully the players, which I believe they will, will have a great deal of respect for the new coach is

It is there job to compete. Coaches can help them compete but they've got to do it themselves

Phil what are you going to do tomorrow night? ) I don't think I'll watch the game. I will be interested in the game and I will want this franchise to succeed

Myself I need a little break and so there are some things I'd like to try to do and I don't know what I'll do tomorrow night...But I'll find out the score of the game and so forth

Jerry: I'll be like a daisy? Duck.

Jerry advice to Ty: don't get on officials and don't over coach. I was 50 percent. I've never had a team that would do everything I would wish they would do on the court

O'Connor reaction from players

"We did it briefly and at that point we were not able to tell them who the new coach would be because we hadn't met with Ty yet

There was certainly a surprise, disappointment but you know, a couple of the older guys felt like 'hey if that's what coach wants to do and that's how he feels about it then great, we support him'"

Regrets? Phil: For me I'd like to win a world championship. That's the only thing I regret not be able to do here because of the support and the unbelievable talent that we had here -- great players. We weren't able to achieve that. That's my only regret I have

Other stuff. As far as playing hard...

Jerry: Everybody likes to win a world championship but I think our team laid everything they had out there when we were in that position and you can't ask anymore and you should be able to hold your head up and go home and go to bed

(Stockton 3 to send to final a greatest moment) it was a tremendous thrill. I think more importantly, it was a tremendous thrill to watch the players react. I mean I'm a coach. What am I going to do? I thought of hugging them, but then I might get hurt

Bottom line was those guys laid it out there every day and it was fun to watch

(Meeting last night, how much of a part was that in your decision) I think it's one of those things. I always thought about when am I going to retire, how's it going to happen.

There's always a feeling that hits you... It's similar to the one when I got your fired feeling so I had a feeling that it was time for me to move on.

(Final straw last night?) Not really