Emily W. Jensen
DeAnne Flynn speaks at the Time Out for Women Conference in Ogden.

OGDEN — The story DeAnn Flynn shared at Time Out for Women on Feb. 5 wasn't one that is necessarily found in the Bible. Her story was definitely an original one.

"And there came a certain weary woman, and she threw in two frozen pizzas, which made a meal," said Flynn, recounting the parable. "And she said, 'Eat it.' And her husband called their children, saying, 'Your compassionate mother hath put more in the oven than you.' And they accepted of her offering because they knew she had given it to them with all the energy she had left and thus providing for her family. And that very hour was indeed a mother's mite."

This is "The Mother's Mite," Flynn's retelling of the widow's mite featured in Mark 12:41–44, which similarly features a woman who, as Flynn explains, "strives to wholeheartedly give, only to realize that her offering is nothing short of meager."

But Flynn believes "that it is the little things that make the larger difference in our lives, that small acts of kindness, the mother's mite, are the memories that stick and are cherished by our children." Flynn announced her new initiative to recognize "The Mother's Mite" as a place online where women can gather to share to bolster one another's efforts and to provide creative mothering ideas. "So many women feel alone and unappreciated. So many women want ideas how to best help their families," Flynn said. "If you think of a mite you do, go to MothersMite.com and share it with other women." As part of the MothersMite.com effort, Flynn has partnered with a jeweler to provide pendants featuring a replica of the mother's mite. And all proceeds from jewelry sales will go to women's shelters and charitable organizations

Flynn also shared three tips paralleling the Time Out for Women theme of "Choose to Become":

1. Choose to become more aware of the little things that make a large difference.

She explained that "becoming more aware takes practice, but it is the first step to becoming more obedient. Open your eyes, and open your heart."

2. Choose to become less complicated.

To become less complicated, Flynn counseled her audience to "declutter your life, and lose the distractions."

3. Choose to become better keepers of home.

And finally, Flynn testified that "whether we are married or single, whether we have children or not, whether we work or stay home or a combination of both, we can choose to become better keepers of home by striving to create a more heaven-like environment there."

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