Keith Johnson, Deseret News
Senate candidate Mike Lee addresses a crowd assembled at the Utah State Capitol during the "Tea Party Express" tour stop in Salt Lake City Tuesday.

Is Sen. Mike Lee an old-school political insider or a cutting-edge revolutionary?

This weekend Philip Rucker at the Washington Post explored the apparent conundrum presented by Lee simultaneously being both a consummate insider (he is the son of Ronald Reagan's solicitor general; a former Supreme Court clerk; second cousin of two other U.S. Senators; and a close family friend of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev.) and someone who rose to power on the wave of the anti-establishment tea party movement.

There a lot of super interesting aspects to this piece we could go on and on about — it's journalism at its very best, folks — but you're probably best served just reading the actual article than hearing any more about it secondhand.

One thing we can definitively say, though: Rucker's Washington Post piece is only the second-best article profiling Lee. Click here to see the best.


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