Mailman makes an errant All-Star delivery

Whether or not Kevin Johnson's shot was going in, Utah's Karl Malone knew this much after Sunday's 41st annual NBA All-Star Game: He wished he'd left it alone.

"I don't know what I was thinking," said the Jazz All-Star. "When the shot was taken, it looked good, but it was my reaction to jump up and try to rebound it. It was the last second, the last shot, and it was just my reactions. I guess it was a pretty crazy thing to do."

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Johnson's shot, a 3-point attempt, came with less than three seconds remaining with Johnson and Malone's West squad trailing the East All-Stars by 116-114 at the time. Stationed just in front of the basket, Malone leaped above the rim and knocked the ball from its course as it approached the hoop.

Magic Johnson described the scene as Kevin Johnson released his shot and Malone went airborne: "It was like, 'Yeah, yeah, yeah, OK ... What ... is ... he ... doing?' "

After the offensive goaltending call that effectively ended the game, Kevin Johnson ran to Malone and kicked him from behind. He smiled, but he still kicked him.