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Eric Risberg, Associated Press
San Francisco Giants starting pitcher Matt Cain, right, listens to questions from student reporters from Everett Middle School in San Francisco, during a baseball news conference at AT&T Park in San Francisco, Friday, Feb. 4, 2011. From left the reporters are Miles Dittmann, Adra Harris and Walter Giron.

SAN FRANCISCO — All the formalites are almost over and the San Francisco Giants are moving toward defending their World Series championship.

The Giants kicked off a pre-spring training event for fans Saturday believing they have a stockpile of talent and experience to contend again next season.

Duplicating the postseason magic all summer won't be easy.

San Francisco's collection of misfits and castoffs came together at all the right times last season, lifting the franchise to its first title since 1954 and first since moving West in 1958.

The Giants have every reason to feel optimistic about a repeat performance with nearly their entire roster intact, except encores never seem to be that simple.