I appreciated Mark Lehmkuhle's suggestion for cutting down on vehicle emissions during inversion season by driving 55 mph (Slow down to 55 to ease inversions, Feb. 2). I would like to expound on his idea by adding a few of my own:

Reduce engine warm-up times. Most cars don't require warm-up times of more than a minute or two — even on very cold days.

Be "idle-free" at drive-through windows and even at long traffic lights. Turn off your engine at the grocery store, when picking up kids at school, etc.

Maintain correct tire pressure. Tire pressure decreases in cold weather, and low tires increase rolling resistance using more gas.

Keep your car's wheels aligned and the engine tuned up for the best fuel economy and performance.

Drive a route with the fewest number of stoplights to avoid unnecessary stopping and idling. Take the freeway instead of surface streets when possible, and keep it at 55!

Together, we can make a difference.

David E. Jensen