Alphabet soup

BYU is leaving the Mountain West Conference. Fine. But does it have to be so complicated?

Football is going independent, while men's volleyball will be in the Mountain Pacific Sports Federation (MPSF) and men's and women's basketball in the West Coast Conference (WCC). Last week, BYU announced softball will play in the Western Athletic Conference (WAC).

Hoping to find a home for other sports, BYU is said to be looking into joining NATO, the ACLU or AARP.

Aggie nation

With all this conference alignment, what if UC-Davis does give in and joins the WAC?

That would give the conference three teams named the Aggies: New Mexico State, USU and UCD.

In which case, the WAC would have to consider changing its name to the AAA: American Agricultural Association.

Injury bug

The St. Petersburg Times reported the following baseball players spent time during the 2010 season on the disabled list: Kendry Morales (broke his leg jumping on home plate); Brian Roberts (concussion after smacking himself in the head with his bat); Chris Coghlan (knee surgery following a shaving cream pie celebration); and Geoff Blum (injured elbow while putting on his shirt).

Sort of makes Kyrylo Fesenko's sinus infection seem normal.

Golden rule?

Christian Heritage prevailed 108-3 in a Utah girls' prep basketball game last month.

Rock On doesn't know all the particulars, but what's so Christian about beating someone by 105 points?


Jay Leno on claims the aforementioned performance was unsportsmanlike: "Obviously a humiliating loss for their opponent, the Cleveland Cavaliers."

GPS, please

Canada's defense minster Peter MacKay is facing ridicule for saying in a videotaped chat with Arnold Schwarzenegger that "British Columbia and California share a border."

Has Washington State's football program really fallen that far off the map?

Yard work

The national media is just now tuning in to the story that Jimmer Fredette used to play pickup games against New York State Prison inmates.

Which should also be good practice for when he gets in the NBA.

Tall tales

Reports say China's Liang Yuxin has taught himself to regurgitate anything, including coins, a rubber ball and jewelry.

"I found out I could do it when I was a boy and I accidentally swallowed a ball and found I could bring it back up at will," he told "Now I seem to be able to swallow pretty much anything."

Does that include O.J. Mayo's story about an energy drink causing him to fail a drug test?


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