Monday afternoon's links of media coverage of Mormon news, event and issues included these noteworthy reports:

KING KONG CAMPAIGN: Neighborhood residents protesting proposed LDS Church temples are nothing new, with past complaints ranging from traffic anxieties to aesthetics to scenic-view obstructions. Those near the proposed Phoenix Arizona Temple got creative in calling attention to their worries, erecting a wall of signatures and a towering gorilla to represent the proposed height of temple spire. Phoenix's Fox TV affiliate provide more information here.

'BRIGHT' COVERAGE: Despite her limited involvement in the upcoming Winter X Games, snowboarder Torah Bright — the 2010 gold medalist from Australia who resides in Park City — earned attention from the New York Times with her religion, her abstinence from alcohol and her lingering ailments all earning mention in the article's first two paragraphs. And further down in the story focusing on snowboarders vying for sponsorship, you can read about Bright's longtime deal with Roxy clothing and accessories.

BANK BUILDING BECOMES MEETINGHOUSE: A southern New Jersey LDS ward finds a permanent home in a former bank building, but local business owners still find reason to complain, as reports here. Stake president Ahmed Corbitt counters with perspective on behalf of the Bridgetown, N.J. congregation.

LOCAL LDS LOOKS: In a couple of examples of how local media covers LDS members, the Amarillo, Texas, Globe-News offers a lengthy feature here on a young man's missionary experiences serving in Chicago. Meanwhile, the Shreveport, Louisiana, Times spotlights here a local bishop and his "two jobs" in describing how lay LDS leaders balance a full-time career with voluntary church-service demands.