SALT LAKE CITY — Despite the recent slump, Utah Jazz players have maintained they aren't about to push the proverbial panic button, and coach Jerry Sloan has said he's not going to jump off any buildings.

Jazz management isn't overly concerned, either.

General manager Kevin O'Connor said the worst slump in a few years — Utah hadn't lost six straight since December 2007 — is not prodding the front office to make personnel changes.

"You try to analyze the whole season. You try to analyze 45 games, not just where we're at over the last six games," O'Connor said Friday morning. "You certainly look at indicators and you always try and improve your team."

That said, O'Connor admitted the Jazz are constantly engaged in talks with other teams. That chatter, however, has more to do with the trade deadline approaching on Feb. 24 than the string of setbacks.

"It doesn't speed up any process about looking to make changes," O'Connor said. "It doesn't slow down any process about making changes. It's just part of the overall picture."

Though O'Connor said his phone is ringing more lately and that other GMs have talked about every player on the Jazz roster, Utah brass remain convinced the Jazz have the pieces in place to make a deep playoff run.

"Yeah," O'Connor said when asked if that were the case.

"We can't play like we've been (playing)," he pointed out. "We need to self-correct a little bit first, and then go forward."

Asked about specific details regarding trade talk and players — such as Andrei Kirilenko's expiring $17.8 million contract — O'Connor declined to comment.

"You listen to all things," he said. "That's part of your job."

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O'Connor is adamant the as-assembled Jazz will bounce back when some of the players' shots return, which he believes will happen.

"We miss Memo (Okur) making shots. We miss Raja (Bell) making shots. C.J. (Miles') missed his shots. It's all part of that," he said. "(When) you touch the bottom of the pool, how quickly you come up is one of the things you concern yourself with."

But the Jazz remain in the playoff picture even with their poor performances of late.

"You are what your record says you are, as Bill Parcells would say," O'Connor said. "And we're still pretty good."


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