Corey Fox's Velour Live Music Gallery has many reasons to celebrate.

Nearly five years since it opened in Provo, Velour is hosting many of the most well-known bands in the area for its monthlong anniversary celebration.

Unlike most others of its kind, this music venue is open to all ages, making it possible for musicians to invite even their youngest family members to attend. Velour does not sell alcohol — something almost unheard of in similar music venues.

Jacob Jones, a member of the nationally known band Fictionist, started performing at Velour three years ago before the band got together. Fictionist returned to Velour to perform and participate in a portion of the anniversary festivities that have been taking place the past month.

"The fact that Corey Fox can have an all-ages venue and be successful, and have all these great bands, says that people go to the Velour to listen to music," Jones said. "I think that's a huge thing."

Jones said that from a money perspective, Velour could make a good portion of money on alcohol. However, the absence of alcohol at the scene contributes to the creative atmosphere of the venue.

"It's probably the best-run venue we've played at, and we've played throughout the U.S." he said.

Jones doesn't think he and his band would have the success they have now without their experiences at Velour.

A chandelier, disco ball and stained-glass church windows are just a few of the eclectic decorations at Velour. The building also has a green room for bands to relax in before performing, a room specifically for loading equipment, a sound system, an elevated stage and custom live lighting.

It is attention to detail that Fox says makes a difference.

"My motivation was to create a venue that could elevate the entire standard of the music scene," Fox said in a press release. "I feel that a professional venue cultivates professional bands. A creative atmosphere inspires creativity, and putting expectations on bands creates bands who have expectations."

And he definitely has done his part to cultivate professional bands. In addition to Fictionist, acts like Neon Trees, Joshua James and Isaac Russell also have roots at Velour.

Volunteer public relations director Kaneischa Johnson said the music venue's fifth anniversary represents everything going on at Velour right now. The music from the bands playing this past month covers the spectrum that most fans want to hear.

"The biggest thing is that these are all our friends, too," Johnson said. "We want to celebrate with the people we love and are the reason why we do what we do here."

Johnson said Fox also pays great attention to booking; he books bands of the same genres to play on the same nights together.

On Tuesday nights, Velour stages an open-mic night where new talent is given a chance to try out their acts.

Besides being open to performers, Velour can also be rented out for wedding receptions and parties.

The celebration lasts through this weekend. A schedule for acts playing at Velour this month can be viewed online at

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