I appeal to the compassionate citizens of Utah County to stop the destructive legislation being pushed through this session by Rep. Steven Sandstrom. His insatiable desire to further his political career will damage this wonderful State and, by association, the LDS Church.

Let me give you a taste of the horrific international headlines that will surly follow if a bill touted as "tougher legislation than Arizona," is passed: "Utah … The world is NOT welcome here," "This is NOT the place for Hispanics," "Are Mormons prejudiced?" "Utah … Whites only!

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I travel frequently throughout Latin America for my job. Media in these countries is reporting that Hispanics are not welcome in Arizona. The facts are that tourism has dropped significantly in Arizona since the adoption of their immigration law. Utah will become a lighting rod for negative media reports affecting tourism, future business and our loving reputation.

People from all over the world come to Utah to enjoy its beauty and associate with friendly, welcoming neighbors. I want the world to know that people who are oppressed, hungry and in need are welcome in my home, Utah.

DJ Smith