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Kate Rose
The Sundance film "Life In A Day" is a feature-length documentary using footage captured by people around the globe.

PARK CITY — July 24, 2010, was a remarkable day on planet earth but don't feel bad if you don't remember where you were and can't recall any major headlines. The world premiere of "Life In A Day," Thursday at the Sundance Film Festival, also to stream live on YouTube, will show events from that day taken from 80,000 contributors in 192 countries with over 4,500 hours of footage from all over planet Earth. www.youtube.com/user/lifeinaday

A press and industry screening Tuesday In Park City revealed a film of quiet beauty captured in time-capsule story-telling that catalogs with intimate honesty what it means to be human. Viewers see the slippery thud of a giraffe birth as well as a father struggling to film his wife having a cecaerian section. It tries to show those indelible, unforgettable moments alongside the mundane ones, such as tooth-brushing, that make up life on a given day.

The press laughed, cried and even cringed with the mostly amateur footage of the beauties and struggles of that single day.

Memorable moments include:

— A man who is bicycling around the world (190 countries so far) comparing the fly in his soup in Nepal to flies from his native Korea and how the similarities make him emotional.

— Parents convincing a energetic son to be happy for the family project of filming the day

— A child shoe shine accepting his weekly fee from a customer with a candy-bar bonus

— African women singing beautifully as they hammer out the day's work

— A disappointed Chicagoan after being turned down by a crush

— A teen's first shave

The film was edited by Oscar winner Kevin Macdonald ("The Last King of Scotland") and produced by Ridley Scott ("Gladiator"). Attending the world premiere will be more than 20 of the contributors. National Geographic Films has picked up U.S. distribution rights to the film which will hit theaters July 24, 2011, one year after the footage was shot. Viewers should be aware that the film contains some disturbing images such as a cow slaughter and some potentially offensive language. It is in multiple languages with English subtitles.

A trailer for the film is available at sundance.slated.com/2011/films/lifeinaday_sundance2011

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