Cliff Owen, AP
Mitt Romney

Time Magazine has a new feature-length story out about de facto presidential candidate Mitt Romney and how he hopes to run a different campaign for 2012 than he did in 2008.

"Throughout the 2008 cycle, Romney often appeared to approach the business of politics too much like a business — outmaneuvering opponents with positioning and polish when it was human factors like empathy and approachability that made up voters' minds. … He was dogged in delivering the political prose but struggled with the poetry. When people left his events, some campaign veterans will now admit, too often he had not closed the deal.

"The test in 2012 is likely to be even more rigorous. 'We are kind of in the era of true believers,' says one prominent 2008 Romney supporter, who, like many in Romney's extended circle, asked to not be identified. 'He will still need to overcome, "Is he genuine?" ' "

Here's the really interesting nugget: the Time article makes almost no mention about his LDS religious affiliation. thoroughly explores how and why the piece in Time doesn't make a big hubbub over Romney's affiliation.

"While it is clear, at this point, that there is no reason whatsoever for religion to dominate the story, the closest it comes to even mentioning Romney's sincere and vital Mormon faith is a brief aside about the family Christmas card. … There is no need to even mention (religious affiliation) in a story about the challenges facing Romney. I am sure that religious and cultural issues will not play a major role in the upcoming campaign. Besides, it's best not to talk about religion, whenever possible. Religious issues make simple political stories too complicated."