Flash freeze

First there was William "The Refrigerator" Perry, a quarter-century ago. Now there's the Packers' 337-pound B.J. Raji, who calls himself "The Freezer." But is the Super Bowl-bound Raji really the last word in cold storage? Not even close. Ole Miss has an offensive lineman named Terrell Brown, who is 6-foot-11 and 415 pounds. What to call him? "The Meat Locker," of course.

The simple life

Life is confusing for the Jazz. They lost to Washington, New Jersey, Boston and Philadelphia last week. Deron Williams complained after the Wizards game that his teammates didn't all know the plays, later amending that to say they weren't finding their spots. When did this all get so complicated? Rock On remembers back in the Stockton/Malone days, they only had one play. Anyone hear of the pick-and-roll?

Border patrol

The Utes might be improving in basketball, but it hasn't been easy. BYU's Jimmer Fredette made a 42-foot shot at halftime against them, a couple of weeks ago. Not to be outdone, New Mexico's Kendall Williams landed an even longer shot at the halftime buzzer, last week. Sources say coach Jim Boylen has instructed his team to extend its perimeter defense to the Wendy's on Foothill Drive.

Social agenda

President Barack Obama made it clear last week that if his beloved Bears made it to the Super Bowl, that's where he'd be on Feb. 6. "I'm going, no doubt," he said. Turned out it was a moot point following Chicago's Sunday loss to Green Bay. The good news is he's now free to attend the cast party for "Sarah Palin's Alaska."

Chow now

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Remember all those Urban headlines? Urban Renewal, Urban Revival, Urban Renaissance, Urban Improvement. But now that Urban Meyer has retired, and the Utes have hired Norm Chow as their offensive coordinator, a fresh wave of headlines is on the way: Chow Time, Chowing Down, Chow Line and, of course, Chow Mix. (If he becomes head coach: Chow Main.) Which raises a simple question: How come Herb Score never went into coaching?


Last Monday's Green Bay Press-Gazette featured a headline that said, "On to Chicaco." The paper printed a spelling correction the next day. Good thing for the headline writers the Packers didn't end up playing Cincinnati or Tennessee.

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