Lawmakers will be asked to consider some weighty issues surrounding public health, including various ideas responding to federal health care reform. Recent legislative audits have also revealed fraudulent practices within Medicaid, which state leaders have vowed to see fixed.

Rep. David Clark, R-Santa Clara, is presenting a bill that would install an inspector general at the Department of Health who would oversee Medicaid, while the Utah Health Policy Project plans to present various solutions and find ways to save money elsewhere to make up for money lost.

Among the UHPP ideas is a whistle-blower clause to incentivize uncovering fraud within the system. The group is also advocating for hearing and sight coverage on Medicaid, but will not seek funding for enhanced dental coverage this year as it has in the past.

Another bill seeks to give teen mothers the authority to give consent for their own medical treatment. They can already give consent for their babies to be treated, but because they are minors, they require a parent or guardian to sign off on medical services for themselves. And yet another would include amino acid-based infant formula on insurance lists of covered medications.