Fanhouse's Michael Katz reports that a match at the Australian Open between Maria Sharapova and Julia Goerges suffered a 20-minute delay because of a dead spot.

The incident prompted Andy Roddick to comment on ESPN whether Bob Vila was available to make a quick fix.

Katz said a pocket of air underneath the court caused the problem and officials had to drill holes in the spot to solve the situation.

The Herald Sun went into the scientific specifics, saying the bubble "was caused from the court heat forcing a flat bubble patch on the plexicushion surface."

The article quotes Sharapova:

"I noticed there was something under my left shoe. I know I have a lot of foam in the heel but I thought they added some padding or something in there,'' she said. "All of a sudden I looked down and there was a pretty big bubble there.''

Australia has had recent rains, but warmer temperatures before the match may have caused the pocket of air to form.