The Utah Jazz are still trying to find themselves, but in spite of this, they are No. 1 in their division. They may start slow, and they are trying to fix that with a different lineup. But you can't argue the fact that they want to win a championship because they still play with heart and soul, never giving up, and winning most of their games at the end.

Why so much negativity surrounding them? They have the most talent on the team that they have ever had, and have the best chance of winning a championship that they have ever had.

As Utah Jazz fans, let's stand by our team. If there is any time they need our support, it is now. I do believe in them and I love to see them play. I like the moves they have made and the new additions to the team. I live to see their games, and they bring great entertainment and enjoyment to me.

Mary Jo Schaub Peay