Brandon Doman — BYU's new offensive coordinator — is home free, but the other offensive coaches? Not necessarily.

Yjobs.byu.edu includes a listing for "assistant football coach," posted Dec. 21. Among the preferred qualifications: a bachelor's degree, plus Division I assistant coaching and recruiting experience.

It also requires "knowledge of NCAA rules," which immediately excludes Rock On.

He still doesn't understand what constitutes "indisputable evidence."

Honor code

Last week, Rock On noted that with a name like Philander Moore, odds of the JC transfer sticking at Utah weren't good.

Guess what?

He's already gone.

Moore switched his commitment from Utah to Mississippi after just a few days.

This just in: The Utes are checking into whether Marianne Faithfull has a grandson.


A leader in Uganda's National Resistance Movement is calling for the country's men to withhold intimacy from their wives unless they promise to vote for a certain political candidate.

Isn't that like Kyrylo Fesenko withholding playing time until Jerry Sloan votes him onto the All-Star team?

Believing heart

The Tennesee Titans said they will either trade or release Vince Young (third overall pick, 2006), last week, adding him to a list of acclaimed but disappointing/injury-plagued quarterbacks that includes Ryan Leaf (second overall, 1998), JaMarcus Russell (first overall, 2007), Alex Smith (first overall, 2005), Tim Couch (first overall, 1999), Matthew Stafford (first overall, 2009) and Mark Sanchez (fifth overall, 2009).

In a related note, Smith, the ex-Ute, recently said he still believes he's a good quarterback.

Having followed Smith's NFL career so far, Rock On prefers to put his faith in the Tooth Fairy and a Beatles reunion.

Timing's right

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Billboards in Omaha claim the that on May 21, the world will end — which seems entirely possible if the Jazz get past the Lakers in the playoffs.

Been done

Millions have seen the Youtube video of Ted Williams, the homeless man who became a national sensation.

A Columbus Dispatch videographer had Williams do a mock radio promo and soon the world was watching. Now the Cleveland Cavaliers even have offered him a job.

So let's see if we have this straight: A down-and-out but talented man drifts aimlessly about until he is randomly discovered and becomes famous.

Isn't that called "The Kurt Warner Story"?

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