Ravell Call, Deseret News
University of Utah gymnast Corrie Lothrop will compete in all-around and in floor exercises as a freshman this season.

Question: What was it like, just missing out on the (2008) Olympics?

Answer: It was a great experience. It was fun getting to go to Japan, and even though I couldn't be with the team, we were cheering them on. We were still working, even if we were in another country. We still felt like a part of the team, even though we weren't technically with them. I felt like I did the best I could, and I was still named to the team, so I did feel like part of the team. There were a couple of injuries, but I didn't think they would call and alternate because the team they had had so much depth they wouldn't necessarily need one. But if they needed one, there were three of us ready to go at any time.

Question: How did you get started in gymnastics?

Answer: My parents owned a gym in Massachusetts, and that's most likely the reason that I got started. I was always in the gym and just decided to play around, and then they saw that I had some talent — or just a lot of energy, I'm not sure, maybe both. I went through the levels pretty fast and always had my own age group because I was so young as a high level, but I knew from there that I really love gymnastics, and I wanted to pursue not just a college career but an Olympic one.

Question: How did you hear about Utah gymnastics?

Answer: I've been following Utah for a while, and when it got more serious and closer for me to actually decide on which college, I started looking further into the Utah program. Just knowing that they've had so many championships and so many appearances at the championships — I'd think it would be exciting if I was here and a part of that. ... What brought me here overall was just the team, the gymnastics, the legacy that Utah gymnastics has, the coaches, everything — the school, the environment.

Question: Are you having any trouble adjusting to college life? I'm sure it's quite different than anything you've been through?

Answer: Yeah, it's definitely different, but I'm handling the schoolwork pretty good. The load is not as bad as I thought it would be. I have pretty good time-management skills. That's come in handy so I can handle practice and school at the same time. I grew up learning to handle school and gym and having to travel and bring my schoolwork along with me, so I guess, as I grew up, and from traveling overseas, that skill just kind of came to me.

Question: You were born outside of the U.S.?

I was born in China. My parents adopted me when I was 2. I don't remember anything (about China). I went back in 2008 to China and saw how it was like and how the culture is and how people live, and it's nothing compared to here, but I like it here.