Utah has done it, Boise State did it twice and now TCU can say they busted the BCS party and won.

Non-automatic qualifying teams are 5-2 all time in BCS bowls. Andy Dalton, TCU's star quarterback, said they did not just win for TCU, but they won for all of the non-BCS teams in college football. TCU's Coach, Gary Patterson, echoed his quarterback by saying the win was for all the "little guys". Time and again, non-AQ teams have shown there is no difference between the big guys and the little guys. Eight times a team has been undefeated at the end of the season but did not win a national championship. Utah, Boise State and TCU have proven that the non-automatic qualifying teams are good enough to compete with anyone in the country and deserve a shot at the national championship. It is time for these teams to be considered at the same level as the BCS schools and receive the same revenue that the BCS brings in.

Trent Madsen

North Salt Lake