Born to wander

In hopes of replacing return star Shaky Smithson, the Utes say they have received a commitment from Blinn Community College's Philander Moore, who has three years of remaining eligibility.

But realistically, with a name like that, what are the odds of him staying?

Urban projects

Urban Meyer is officially retired as coach of the Florida Gators. He says he is devoting his time to being a better husband and father.

Meyer celebrated his first day as a full-time dad, Sunday, by running his wife and kids run through a series of gassers, z-cuts, lateral weaves and ladder drills before telling them to hit the showers.

Food channeling

The University of Maryland recently announced it will recognize the school's competitive eating club.

Rock On sources say Rick Majerus immediately inquired about becoming the coach. Included on his resume: A list of his favorite Greek restaurants and a citation for winning the Franklin County July 4th pie eating contest.


Majerus left the basketball court, Saturday, after being knocked into the scorer's table and cutting his leg.

Reports say The Saint Louis University coach tried to stay in the game, but the bleeding wouldn't stop.

Sort of like, you know, this year's Utes.

Getting a pass

Utah scored a combined 29 points in four of its final five football games, while BYU scored 196 in that same span. Yet it's BYU that nudged out its offensive coordinator.

Isn't that a bit like voting out all the politicians but bailing out the car companies?

Head shot

Pro boxer Mia St. John telling the Chicago Sun-Times prior to her fight last fall that it would be her swan song.

"Knock on wood," she said, "this is my last fight."

So that's what's in the head of someone who has had 59 bouts.

Talking points

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Miami Dolphins' linebacker Channing Crowder, to the Sun-Sentinel, on booing by Dolphins fans: "Fair weather fans. Real fans keep cheering. I saw fans keep cheering. … That's their decision, but it's silly. They are fair weather fans."

Then there's this previous remark on the subjects of his game day trash talking: "Their mothers, their girlfriends, their wives, their kids, their dogs, their greasy grandmamma, whatever pops into my mind."

Just wondering, did clamming up and just playing ever pop into his mind?