Unelected bureaucrat Interior Secretary Ken Salazar intends to illegally create 6 million acres of "wild lands" in Utah. Let's do some math: 3.5 million acres of wilderness study areas plus 6 million acres of "wild lands" equals the Southern Utah Wilderness Association's Redrock Wilderness Bill. What a crazy coincidence.

Sen. Bob Bennett was defeated at convention because he pushed a wilderness "compromise" on Washington County with the promise of finality. But, surprise of surprises, they're back.

Maybe Gov. Gary Herbert will finally get the message and disband the useless public lands advisory council headed by a former SUWA director before it does us further harm.

Our Washington delegation must make de-funding the BLM a top priority. This agency does nothing productive. It has accurately been described as a full-employment agency for environmental activists.

Rainer Huck

Salt Lake City