Northwestern and Illinois played a football game at Wrigley Field last month, but concern over a padded brick wall just past one end zone forced the teams to run all their offensive plays toward the other end.

Strange, but not unheard of.

With the scoring problems the Utes have had, isn't playing on one end of the field what they've been doing since Halloween?


Saint Louis University basketball coach Rick Majerus can't be blamed for a lack of imagination.

The former Ute coach has a guard on his team with a rather promising name: Jordair Jett.

Sources say Majerus thinks he can win the national title next year if he can just sign secret recruits Airmax LeBronson and Chucktaylor Glide.


Reports say BYU coach Bronco Mendenhall plans to revamp his offensive staff by having the coaches reapply for their jobs.

At least for some of them, doesn't that seem like telling Riley Nelson to reapply for his old job as starting quarterback?


A sport based in Asia called "kabaddi" reportedly features participants joining hands, holding their breath and charging at their opponents while repeatedly chanting "kabaddi!"

Proponents say it promotes health and a sense of well being.

After losing to 2-10 San Diego, maybe it's something the Ute basketball team should look into.


Rock On has discovered that among the quarter million Wikileaks documents was proof that Ute QB Jordan Wynn had shoulder problems as far back as September.

Sources say Kyle Whittingham cleverly covered it up with duct tape, Super Glue and a schedule that included subsequent games with Wyoming and Colorado State.


Actress Marilu Henner claims to be among six people on Earth with a condition called superior autobiographical memory, whereby she can recall every day of her life.

That's in direct contrast to the Utes, who claim to have already forgotten their games against TCU, Notre Dame and Boise State.